Key Enviro Solutions specialise in providing facilities management support services to a portfolio of key clients. The services provided benefit the organisation’s shareholding, management, staff and clientele. The nature of the company’s activities places emphasis on experience, quality, capability, personal service, reliability and safety when delivering these services.

We operate a management system with the quality aspect conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, which means that as a company we are committed to continual improvement and particularly the enhancement of client satisfaction through all areas of our operations.

The organisation has a continuing commitment to the following:

  • Continual improvement and effectiveness of our management system;
  • The management system, including the quality policy, is communicated and understood throughout the business;
  • This policy is reviewed for its continual suitability;
  • The company complies with all UK and EU legal and other requirements and regulations specifically related to our business activities.

The policy of Key Enviro Solution’s management is to provide our clientele with goods and services which are fit for their purpose and in such a way as to conform to agreed specifications and to consider the statutory regulations that may apply to the specification. Not only is this policy sound commercial practice, but it accords with the fact that legislation covering fitness for purpose is increasing, and more and more clientele requires suppliers and contractors to have a proper management system in place.