Industrial Cleaning

By using industry-leading technology, client “O&Ms” combined with our expertise and specialist knowledge, our outstanding results remain unrivalled. From warehouse and factory cleaning right through to graffiti and fly-tip removal, to high access and confined space cleaning, our schedule of work will ensure minimal disruption without compromising on results.

What does industrial cleaning entail?

We work alongside our clients and put together a comprehensive detailed, bespoke industrial cleaning plan for but not limited to the following:

-equipment cleaning

-floor cleaning

-large, manufactured components cleaning

-line cleaning

-industrial parts cleaning, small

-spray booth cleaning

-spray gun cleaning

-tank cleaning.

Industrial cleaning” can occur through processes including, brushing, wiping, flushing, or spraying. “Industrial cleaning” does not include janitorial cleaning. (See commercial cleaning)

From industrial deep cleaning of factory ducts, floors, machinery and production lines to the disinfection of food factories and adjoining facilities we use state-of-the-art industrial cleaning equipment.

What type of industrial cleaning have you done previously?

Key Enviro Solutions have the experience and expertise to carry out all tasks to the highest of standards. We have worked on a vast number of different cleaning sectors over the years including sensitive sites such as engineering units working on projects for manufacturers, garages and scientific laboratories with clean zones, as well as food manufacturers controlling bacterial contamination.

Industrial sites vary so much in size, scope and usage, not to mention the challenges posed by the actual industrial process, we design complete and bespoke cleaning solutions for our clients in the industrial sector.

Whatever your needs and requirements Key Enviro Solutions have you covered.

Contact us for all types of cleaning projects from end-of-lease cleaning as part of the required dilapidation, to once-off factory cleans, and regular scheduled cleans.

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