Triumph of Sustainability: Key Enviro Solutions Sweeps 3 Golden Service Awards at Cleaning Awards London

In a resounding victory for sustainable practices and exceptional service, Key Enviro Solutions clinched three prestigious accolades at the Cleaning Awards London 2022. The event, held to recognise excellence in the cleaning industry, saw the company walk away with the titles of “Supervisor of the Year,” “Best UK Hospitality,” and the coveted “Best Small UK Business of the Year.” This triumphant sweep not only underscores Key Enviro Solutions’ commitment to environmental stewardship but also serves as an inspiration for businesses aiming to combine eco-consciousness with outstanding service.

Sustainability at the Core: Key Enviro Solutions’ Journey

At the heart of Key Enviro Solutions’ success lies an unwavering dedication to sustainability. The company’s eco-friendly approach to cleaning and its continuous efforts to reduce its carbon footprint have earned it a well-deserved reputation as an industry leader in environmental responsibility. From utilizing non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning agents to implementing energy-efficient practices, the company’s commitment to a greener future has set it apart.

Supervisor of the Year: Leading by Example

The “Supervisor of the Year” award serves as a testament to the company’s effective leadership and the dedication of its staff. The winning supervisor’s ability to inspire and lead by example has undoubtedly contributed to Key Enviro Solutions’ success. Under their guidance, the company has not only maintained high standards of cleaning but has also fostered a culture of sustainability among its employees, clients, and partners.

Best UK Hospitality: Elevating Guest Experience Through Cleanliness

The “Best UK Hospitality” award highlights the seamless integration of environmental solutions with exceptional guest experiences. Key Enviro Solutions’ approach to cleaning goes beyond merely maintaining hygiene—it creates an environment that enhances the overall guest experience. By combining meticulous cleaning practices with environmentally friendly products, the company contributes to the health and well-being of guests while reducing its ecological impact.

Best Small UK Business of the Year: Pioneering the Green Revolution

The most prestigious accolade, “Best Small UK Business of the Year,” reflects Key Enviro Solutions’ remarkable achievements in sustainability and business excellence. The company’s ability to drive innovation and change within its industry is evident through its successful combination of eco-friendly practices with top-tier service. As a small business, Key Enviro Solutions has demonstrated that size is no barrier to creating a profound positive impact on the environment and the community.


Inspiration for the Future

Key Enviro Solutions’ triumphant sweep at the Cleaning Awards London serves as an inspiring case study for businesses worldwide. It showcases the potential of integrating environmental consciousness into everyday operations, regardless of the industry or size of the business. By embracing sustainable practices, companies can not only reduce their environmental footprint but also distinguish themselves in the market and earn the loyalty of an increasingly eco-conscious consumer base.


The three Golden Service Awards earned by Key Enviro Solutions—Supervisor of the Year, Best UK Hospitality, and Best Small UK Business of the Year—are a resounding validation of the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and exceptional service. This triumphant sweep is a testament to the fact that environmental responsibility and business success are not mutually exclusive. As we look to the future, Key Enviro Solutions’ journey serves as an inspiring example of how businesses can lead the way in creating a more sustainable and prosperous world.


Posted on June 29, 2023